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“20 Veteran Female Rappers You Need To Recognize” 


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Noted as the youngest of the female pioneer solo artists in both Hip Hop and Electro, Camden NJ native Lady Crush officially started her career in mid 1984 by being one of the female guest rappers on the Tim Greene (Stacey Q, Ca$hflow) single “Facts of Life” (Sugarscoop). The late famed producer/re-mixer Raul A. Rodriquez (ABBA, Man Parrish, Gil Scott-Heron) then mixed FOL at Todd Rundgren’s Secret Sound studio (NYC), creating the “The Dub of Life” which was added on to the final release. Because of rave reviews individually of Lady Crush’s verse on the record, she was encouraged to quickly return with a solo 12” follow up, which she did when she dropped “MC Perpetrators” (KAM Records) at the end of the beginning of the following year year. Still today in 2024, Lady Crush’s “MC Perpetrators”  12" is a rap/electro classic and considered to be a rare collectible, with an average online resale price of $170 and recorded as high as $610 USD.


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Lady Crush the Strain
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Little Lady Crush™ - The Powers of Flowers Front.png
Little Lady Crush Book 1
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